SMARTPRO S.A. Integrated services of Engineering

SMARTPRO S.A. founded by Ecuadorians more than 20 years ago, was created as a company dedicated to offer Engineering, Procurement, Construction Services, Project Management and Specialized Technical Services with a great capacity of reaching and satisfying needs and expectancies of our Clients, thanks to a series of methods, techniques and tools used as a base for planning, administrating, implementing and controlling projects.

· Engineering
· Procurement
· Construction
· Specialized Technical Services
· Project Management


As a key element SMARTPRO S.A. relies on highly compromised and skilled staff, for each department and business line that offer its clients, according to professional development plans established in base to objectives both for the worker and the company, which permits having promotion opportunities inside and out from the departments, as well as a continuous professional growth that warranties achieving the best results that are accomplished just with trained and motivated staff which is highly compromised with the company’s strategic objectives.


Developing competitive projects of Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Specialized Technical Services at the Oil Sector, with skilled human talent, motivated and compromised, obtaining satisfied clients, fostering the country’s development and caring for the environment.


Being a company with international presence, leader on projects development, recognized for its ethical standards, excellence and social responsibility, with staff of high technical and humane quality.

Quality Policy:

Providing services to the oil sector, fulfilling the requirements of our clients, trough innovation, efficiency and effectiveness of our processes and the participation of compromised and skilled staff.



We respect the criteria and responsible action of our employees, clients, providers and colleagues and collaborators at all levels.


Our success is based on human quality, ethical standards and excellency. Our personal and professional right and impeccable behavior warranties our mission fulfillment.


We trust our people, their word, work and daily compromise with the company.


We reply with the efficiency that our company and the market demand.


We demonstrate veracity, decency and honesty. Our actions are guided by integrity and transparency.


We make decisions with initiative and audacity to ensure the company’s present and future. We generate processes with responsibility and evaluate results. Nothing is improvised.


SMARTPRO compromised with security, environmental care and wellbeing of population, executes support works with the society, and has the objective of providing services and caring for foundations, priority groups and organizations who need economical resources, manpower, capacitation on themes like education, health and environment.

“Gotitas de Ternura” Day Care

“Santa Lucía II” Home

We maintain an agreement with Triada Foundation,  an organization that provides support, care and treatment to people with neurological problems: focused on developing a self- supporting project for a group of mothers whose children have special capabilities, the ones that attend to this center.