We specialize in carrying out Construction projects in medium and big scale which count with civil infrastructure for early production facilities, with mounting of equipment and pipelines, electric stations in low, medium and high voltage.

Surface Facilities for Oil, Energetics, Mining and Petro-chemistry Areas

SMARTPRO S.A. has developed Construction projects through the execution of civil, mechanics, electric, instrumentation and control, telecommunication works, in between others, in areas such as Oils, Electrics, Hydroelectrics and Construction consolidating itself as one of the most important Construction Businesses in the country, thanks to its qualified staff and high quality standards.

SMARTPRO S.A. has wide experience in developing EPC Projects (Engineering, Procurement and Construction Projects), the ones that are executed based on specifications, plans and documents generated in the phases of Basic and Detailed Engineering. During the phase of Procurement, we perform a technique- economic Analysis for the acquisition of equipment and materials with the clients approval; these are shipped under strict logistic controls, to the working site to proceed to the phases of mounting and construction, to finally execute pre-commissioning, commissioning and start-up activities.


We have wide experience in construction of Oil Platforms, Energetics, Surface facilities, executed in remote areas using heliport system, complemented with access ways, ecological pathways, composed by bridges, ports, docks and piers. The company has also constructed fuel systems, pumping stations, fire protection systems, potable water plants and waste water, besides pipelines, gas pipelines and aqueducts, incorporated with power cables and optical fiber.

Electrical Systems, Electronics, Instrumentation, Control and Communication, Electrical Generation Plants, Substations, Transmission Lines.


We count with Camps that have the capacity to accommodate up to 400 people. We have our own experience on building our La Victoria Camp, at 4,5 km from Shushufindi, such as other Camps made for our Clients, in between we can name Audit and Permanent Camp for Block 31 of PETROAMAZONAS EP, all those designed and equipped with the highest quality standards.

Equipment Manufacturing/ Production Plant

Welding works in general:

  • Structures and Equipment Prefabrication
  • Spools assembling and mounting
  • Profiling preparation and assembling for skids
  • Others

Construction of the following Equipment:

  • Chemical Skid
  • Pig Launcher and Pig Receiver
  • All types of Tanks
  • Production Separators
  • Maniforlds
  • Fire detection systems Skids
  • Others