Through all this time, SMARTPRO S.A. has proven its capability for successful development and management of multidisciplinary projects in the fields of Engineering, Procurement and Construction, assuming the responsibility of controlling all the activities hired by the client under PMO structure (Project Management Office).

With our experienced in projects staff, SMARTPRO S.A. covers all aspects of project management, covering the early development and conceptualization phase, from the engineering, procurement and construction, to the projects final completion and start up.


The deliverables made by SMARTPRO S.A. in the development of Project Management are, but not limited to, because they can vary depending on the needs of the client in a certain project, as following:

  • Deliverables for monitoring and detailed control for the execution of IPC projects.
  • Deliverables for monitoring and detailed control of the execution.
  • Deliverables for monitoring procurement and recruitment programs.
  • Deliverables for document management.